A Welcome Visitor

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Birds, Photography, Wildlife


Given the report that the UK’s bird population has fallen by 44million since the 1960’s, this fellow was a particularly welcome visitor to the neighbourhood this morning. Prior to this moment, I hadn’t encountered a jay in, oh, a long time. This meeting in the midst of a city was perhaps especially unusual; though one of the most colourful members of the crow family, jays are elusive and quite seldom seen, preferring to shy away in woodland areas.

  1. N@ says:

    Shy away in woodland areas… like the gardens of East Dulwich. We see them all the time (in the winter months, that is) and I’ve seen a few this year. But good to see they’re around your way as well, especially if that’s a rarity for you.

    • Billy Bibbit says:

      Funnily enough, not knowing too much about jays habits and their preferred habitat, I checked a few websites before posting the pictures. The information about their shyness and love of woodland areas came from an RSPB site (although other places told a similar story). Maybe the RSPB need telling that jays have come out and are now a sociable garden bird. Or maybe they already know that too much woodland has been destroyed.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

  2. and a real pretty one too.

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