A Few Quick Thoughts

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Politics
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Rhetorical questions. Some people claim they suck. Nonetheless I’ve got a few of ‘em this morning.


Recovery. The powers that be expect us to be cock-a-hoop because our economy has grown from the bottom of an abyss by a measly pointblahblahblah per cent. Meanwhile it is reported that around five million of our workers do not earn a wage that sustains a basic standard of living. Given that the gap between the rich and the poor has dramatically increased in both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ times’ ever since neoliberalism stole our world, who stands to benefit from so-called ‘economic growth’? Should we therefore demand that society aspires to more than just ‘economic growth’? Is it really enough?

Yup. You might say I’m not at my sharpest this grey, cold morn. Still,  why do I feel such questions need asking?

Twitter. I created a Twitter account a hour or so ago. My first impression is that it is predominantly a tool for vacuous celebrities who wish to spill out their empty brains for the benefit of, erm, whoever. And quite a lot of folk seem happy to lap up the dashed dull grey matter. Hmm, it’s too early to think about zombies, and anyway, first impressions are not always the best impressions.

I haven’t deleted my Twitter account. Feel free to add me. @Billybibbit123Image

  1. Totally agree with you about Twitter, and about economic growth, this country should be run for the benefit of all it’s citizens! not just the elitist few and sod everyone else! and as for this crap we’re always fed about free markets and un shackling business otherwise they’ll take their money and jobs elsewhere? well so what? when they’re avoiding paying tax and paying our workers so little that they need top up benefits to survive! are they really that beneficial to the nation anyway? we’re all being conned! and thank god at last there seems to be an awakening going on! lets change the system for the good of everyone! and kick out all the con men (greedy selfish so called entrepreneurs)

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